A Journal Inspired Story

Hello I’m Maggie! You might know me from my Instagram account @studywithmaggie where I post my bullet journal spreads! If not, welcome to itspaperco.

Itspaperco was officially opened and set up in April 2017. It all started back when I began to bullet journal in February 2016 and being a full time student, I didn’t know where any of my time went. It all seemed to go down the drain studying and taking care of the daily chores, but my bullet journal kept me afloat amidst all the chaos. I wanted to create lively spreads and sit down every day to doodle and make my journal beautiful but with all the time restraints, I thought “Surely there’s a quicker way to do this when I’m in a rush?”. I stumbled upon stickers which help us do exactly that, and inspired to create my own and also pass on the happiness, I created itspaperco. I wanted to make affordable and yet beautiful stickers for everyone to use because I love planning just as much as you do and I understand that not everyone has the time or the materials to create what they want at home. I’ve always had a passion for art and drawing, so I thought why not?

Since opening itspaperco, I’ve been lucky enough to meet lovely people, to interact with my customers and have the opportunities to expand into products other than stickers. Thankyou so much for allowing me to pursue my dreams and lovingly create products I know you guys will love.